OmieGo Essential Information

What materials is OmieGo made of?

OmieGo is made of food grade PP and silicone.

Is OmieGo BPA free?

Yes, OmieGo is BPA free and meets all FDA requirements

Where is OmieGo made?

OmieGo is responsibly made in China.

Is OmieGo leak-proof?

Yes, OmieGo is leak-proof!

Is OmieGo microwave safe?

Yes, OmieGo is microwave safe.

Is OmieGo dishwasher Safe?

Yes, OmieGo is dishwasher safe.

Is OmieGo freezer safe?

Yes, OmieGo is freezer safe.

What are the dimensions & volume of OmieGo?

The dimensions are 7.1 x 4.3 x 5.6

Large container volume: 650 ml / 22 fl oz

Small container volume: 270 ml / 9 fl oz

OmieGo Assembly & Care Instructions

How do I take out the lid seal for cleaning?

We designed a small cut-out on the lid so it’s easy to remove the seal for cleaning. Grab the lid seal from the cut-out and lift it from the lid. 

How often should I clean the seal?

We recommend you clean the lid seal with warm, soapy water after each use and let it dry completely to avoid mold. If you need to replace the lid seal, we sell spare ones on the website.

How do I assemble the seal after cleaning?

Align the seal with the groove running around the perimeter of the lid and press down until it’s nestled into the groove completely flush. 

OmieGo Troubleshooting

Why is there a white line on the hinge? 

This is part of the design, nothing to worry about. Our hinge is a living hinge, which means we fold the plastic down to create a hinge. The folding create a thin white line, which is unavoidable and every single OmieGo has this white line. 

Why is there a gap between the container and the top lid? 

The gap is necessary in order to seal the container. It allows the seal to “bounce” a little after it makes contact with the sealing rib on the inner surface of the vessel. The gap is totally normal and doesn’t impact the container’s leak-proof functionality!