OmieBox UP

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Esty Olah

The best lunch box I have come across. I love the Cooler pack which helps to keep my kids food fresh all day.

Not just for bigger kids!

My daughter is 3 turning 4 soon. We have been using omie box since she was 16 months old because I really believe in hot nutritious meals, especially in the winter. We got the omie box up because she's a very good eater and I was sold on the larger thermos capacity. I love that there is an ice pack to keep the other compartments cold and separate. It's so roomy and we love it.

Brentley Rodriguez
I would buy again in another color

It is great for mine to come from TikTok shop.
I would recommend for children with big appetites. I would love to buy in the blue.

Omie for life

I got the original omie for my daughter which she used for hot lunches from 1st-3rd grade. We had no problems with it at all. Besides needing more space for a bigger appetite. When they came out with omie up, which is
bigger, I got so excited. Because that meant my
daughter could have a omie again! She picked the cherry red color and it’s so lovely in person. We also have the omie pod to attach to it. She’s
going into 4th grade and can’t wait to use it.

Kiril Kalchev
Such an upgrade

Perfect for my 5 year old and much easier to clean

Say Hello to OmieBox UP

The Same OmieBox You Know and Love, All Grown Up!

The OmieBox You Know and Love, All Grown Up

We are proud to introduce OmieBox® UP for kids (and, let’s just admit it, adults!) who have outgrown their OmieBox® but still want to enjoy hot lunches.

OmieBox® UP is ideal for kids 9+ (and adults too!)

What’s Different about OmieBox® UP?

New Features:

  • Bigger thermos (12 oz versus 8.5 oz)
  • Cooling pack
  • Dishwasher safe tray
  • Name tag
  • More compact than OmieBox
  • No handle

OmieBox® UP Shares Many Of Your Favorite OmieBox Features:

  • Leak-proof seal
  • Pack hot & cold together in 1 bento box
  • Divider to keep peas separate from carrots

A Grown Up Thermos

We made several design changes to the thermos for our older kids:

  • 40% bigger volume
  • Keeps hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold for longer
  • Grippy lid that’s easy to open and close

A Grown UP Box

OmieBox® UP is more compact and streamlined, while sporting new colorways to differentiate it from the younger OmieBox®. We also added a fun feature that lets kids customize their OmieBox® UP with charms to reflect their passions and hobbies.

This is their OmieBox® UP and it has grown up just like they have!