Retail Policy

Welcome to OmieLife! We're so excited to bring you onboard. To get you started, we've outlined our Retail Policy for you below. If you have any questions please reach out to us at

1. Intellectual Property:

Retailer agrees that all of OMIE’s rights, including but not limited to, intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks, and copyrights, with respect to all Products shall fully remain with OMIE.

2. Return Policy:

      • All sales are final and OMIE will not accept returns of any Products except as provided in subsection below.
      • If Retailer receives a Product that is defective, Retailer shall notify OMIE of the specific problem in writing within five (5) days of receiving such defective or incorrect Product. The Retailer must include photos of the defective Product. If OMIE determines the Product to be defective, Omie will provide a credit to Retailer with Retailer’s next order with Retailer’s next order and reimburse Retailer for any costs incurred for return postage of the defective Product.
      • Returns will not be accepted if a Product has been customized, modified, or embellished in any way.

3. Warranty Policy:

      • Retailers residing outside the U.S. agree to service warranty replacements according to OMIE’s warranty policy and provide OMIE with a record of all warranty claims. OMIE will provide a credit to Retailer upon their subsequent order.
      • Retailers residing within the U.S. will direct warranty claims to OMIE. 

4. Limitation on Retailer’s Sale of the Products:

    • Retailer agrees to comply with OMIE’s Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (“MSRP”). Any exceptions must have OMIE’s written approval.
    • Retailer may have a sale of not more than 25% off the price set forth on the Website for not more than thirty (30) days per year. Discontinued SKUs are not subject to this policy.
    • Retailer agrees (i) not to sell the Products to any other third party, wholesaler or reseller that would resell the Products to any party, and (ii) not to market or sell the Products through any marketplace or auction websites using a bidding process, including, without limitation to,,, or through co-op sales.
    • OMIE does not allow sales of any of its Products on a website in which Retailer does not own the top-level domain name.
    • OMIE does not allow sales of any of its Products on Group Buys or WeChat
    • OMIE does not allow misleading marketing practices including, but not limited to, price slashing an inflated list price.
    • Any sales of the Products by the Retailer via Retailer’s website or e-commerce distribution channel shall be made only to customers located within seller's region.
    • Retailer may not use the word “OmieLife”, “OmieBox” or “OMIE” alone, or in combination with any other words, in its URL address.