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Not dishwashable.

Not recommended for time poor families as the box is not dishwashable. I mean, for an item is used daily and having more than 1 child, it's a real chore to wash everything by hand.

An utter waste of time and a massive regret purchasing this.

Omie Family!

I bought my first son an Omie lunch box and absolutely love it. The thermos works great and keeps the food warm morning to lunch time! You can fit a variety of things in the lunch box which is great, it says it’s good until age 6 but I see us using it past that. My youngest son is starting daycare in September and bought him one as well! Thank you for the wonderful product!

María Cordero

Estamos súper contentos de empezar a usarla la lonchera y los Dips!!! Muy moderna y llegó súper bien 👍🏻

Leaks & Mold!

I purchased two OMIE lunch boxes that box have broken the gasket and have MOLD growing in between the pieces. SAD FACE~~

Mauricio Rojas


Say Hello to OmieBox

A hot & cold bento box that makes lunches irresistible!

Invented By A Mom For Her Picky Eater

Sometimes the best inventions are born out of necessity. Founder Nancy Yen came up with the idea for a hot & cold bento box when her son started preschool. He struggled with eating lunch at school and was often hungry and cranky at pick up. Noticing that he preferred warm entrees over sandwiches, she started noodling on a concept for a kid-friendly bento box that could pack a hot entree, fruits & veggies all in one place.

Dual Insulation Technology

OmieBox uses two types of insulation in order to store hot & cold food together. At the heart of the design is a powerful vacuum insulated thermos. It’s made of two walls of stainless steel with the air sucked out in between so heat can’t escape. It can keep food warm for up to 6 hours, perfect for hot lunch. Food is kept cool through OmieBox’s double walled, air insulated tray. Air is an excellent insulator (think styrofoam or double pane windows - both use air insulation).

Made for Little Hands

We carefully designed OmieBox so it’s easy, even for our youngest users. One key design feature is the oversized handle - it's easy to grab, perfect for young children who are still developing fine motor skills. Lids open and close easily, so your little ones can be independent at school. You never need to worry about lunches coming home uneaten because your little one couldn’t open the box.

Healthy Lunches, Happy Campers

Finally - you can send your little one’s favorite meals to school and be confident that it’ll look and taste great. Whether it’s mac & cheese or chicken noodle soup, we promise to protect all the love and hard work you put into every meal. Your little ones will eat better and healthier, and you’ll be happy knowing you’re providing them with the best nutrition to fuel their day.