Redesigned OmieBox Kit

Thank you for purchasing our brand new OmieBox! Below you'll find everything you need to get started.

Redesigned OmieBox Features

Our redesigned OmieBox is the bento you know and love with these improved features:

  • 30% Bigger Thermos: now 8.5 oz (6.5 oz before)
    • Better Insulation: thermos keeps food warmer, longer. 
      • Easy To Open and Close: the sealing system is completely redesigned so the seal sits on the bottom tray instead of the top lid. This makes the lid super easy to open - kids can do it with one hand. The seal is also much easier to disassemble for cleaning.
        • Updated Colors: same 5 colors, but updated for a more modern feel. The SKU and UPC codes remain the same.

            Other Differences

            Additional differences to be aware of include:

            • The thermos lid can now be screwed into the thermos directly, without the securing insert (the square piece). Whereas the thermos lid and securing insert were sold together previously, they will be sold separately from now on.
              • There is a small hole near the handle. This hole houses a microscopic GORE-TEX membrane which prevents trapped air from deforming OmieBox. The membrane only works in 1 direction, so while air can pass, it will not allow water or debris to enter OmieBox. Please do not try to poke the hole with sharp objects as this will damage the membrane.

              • The box does not come with the lid seal installed. The lid seal will be packed in a polybag and placed in the long compartment along with installation directions. Customers will need to clean the lid seal and install before using their redesigned OmieBox for the first time.

              • The round thermos lid gasket comes in only 1 color (clear)
              • The hot water and harsh detergents used in a dishwasher will cause some sensitive dimensions of the redesigned OmieBox to warp, therefore making the box no longer leakproof. We are very clear about this in the user instructions. If a customer accidentally puts OmieBox in the dishwasher it shouldn't cause any issues in the short term. However, we strongly recommend handwashing. Leaking caused by dishwasher use is not covered by warranty.

              Spare Parts Are Not Interchangeable

              One important difference to note is that spare parts are not interchangeable between OmieBox versions. To provide customers with the correct part, you'll need to determine  which OmieBox version the customer owns in one of the following 3 ways:

              • Is there a hole near the handle? If so, the customer has a redesigned OmieBox. If there is no hole, it is an original OmieBox
              • Does the Omie logo have rounded or sharp edges? The round-edge logo is for the redesigned OmieBox while the sharp-edge logo is for the original.

               -- original logo with sharp edges

               -- redesigned logo with round edges

              • What is the OmieBox's cohort code? If the cohort code on the back of OmieBox contains letters "CH" it is a redesigned OmieBox, if it contains letters "SD" it is an original.

              For Distributors Only

              For ease of differentiation, redesigned OmieBox spare parts picked up directly from our factory will have labels that read V2-[Spare Part Name].

              Warranty Policy

              You may access our updated warranty policy here. While our policy remains mostly the same, we'd like to note that we removed the dishwasher-safe label from redesigned OmieBox. This means that warping and leaking caused by dishwasher use no longer qualifies OmieBox for a warranty replacement.

              When servicing spare part warranties, such as a tight thermos lid or a torn lid seal, please determine which OmieBox version the customer owns before providing the spare part. If spare parts for original OmieBox are not available please send the customer a full Redesigned OmieBox.

              You may track redesigned OmieBox warranty replacements on this form and submit it to OmieLife for inventory replenishment upon your next order.

              Please note: We will not restock spare parts for original OmieBox once we run out.

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