Thermos Lids

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daniela fawcett
Thermos lids

The pieces of metal attaching the lid handle are so short. There is really no surprise they break easily. Opening lid needs some strength if hot stuff cools down creating vacuum. The lids handle need to be attached stronger to the lid.

Devin Patrick
Amazing products!

Use every day for our kids lunches and keeps their food hot!

Elizabeth Wong

I'm so happy we could buy this part to replace. With the amount of plastic used to build these lunchboxes and their overall heavy weight I would second guess buying it again. However, I LOVE that they have all the replacement parts so that we can keep using this as long as we can, so maybe I would recommend it more. We've had the lunchbox for 2.5years and have experienced some trouble opening it and recently it vacuumed closed to the point that we had to use a drill to open it up. The way the handle lifts to open isn't the best grip wise.



Take home lunch
Thermos lids, not the best design

I like this brand and the fun colors and easy ability for kids to see the different compartments. The only problem is the lids. I had to buy a new thermos lid with the container because the previous one was stuck and just wouldn’t open. Tried to open it with a wrench too! Because I wasn’t able to get it open, I had to buy a replacement. Hoping a better design will come out.